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Brighton Council & parking

January 17, 2009

In the post this morning was a nice letter from the Adult Social Care & Housing department of Brighton & Hove City Council. And I assume it has been sent to all the residents in my block of flats

It states:

“It has been noted on a recent estate inspection that some residents are parking cars on the verges, namely a Honda accord XXXXXXX and a Peugeot 207 XXXXXXX

“Residents are reminded that it is illegal to park on these verges, and if cars are witnessed parked on the verges again they WILL be removed and if the owners are identified we regret that Cathey XXXX your Housing Officer will have to take appropriate tenancy action”

Firstly I glad to say that neither of the cars listed are mine.

Secondly I’m not sure quite what “tenancy action” can be taken against me as I’m a leaseholder.

I have however replied stating that I hope that Council drivers will also be dealt with




Now as far as I can tell, there is no law prohibiting parking on grass verges, but there could be a byelaw. I have lived here for over  years and there has never been any signs saying that the is a byelaw prohibiting parking on the verge. I have also searched the Council’s own website and there is no mention of parking on grass verges.

I shall await their reply