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Annoying drivers

November 29, 2009

Ok, this is a little bit of a rant, and a bit of an open letter to any of those drivers I come across on a daily basis whilst out delivering the mail

  • When my van is parked at the side of the road, with it’s hazard lights flashing, the back doors open and me getting something from the back, there’s a pretty good chance I’m not actually going anywhere! It’s no use driving right up behind me before deciding to take avoiding action! Or beeping your horn and waving at me to get me to move!
  • Again when I’m parked up with the lights flashing and emptying a pillar box, it’s not my fault if someone coming the other way decides to stop alongside me a blocks the road! Again, beeping your horn and waving at me is not going to make me go any faster!
  • When I’m coming out of a blind exit from a drive, you can probably see me before I can see you. That’s why I pull out very slowly until I can actually see the road. And when I’ve stopped with the front of the vehicle sticking out into the road it’s because that’s where I have to be to see YOU! It’s no good waving a fist or glaring at me for getting in your way as you swerve round me. You could very easily stop and let me out.
  • And what do my indicators mean? Well when I put the left one on and brake it means I’m either going to turn left or stop. It’s quite simple, so why do you beep at me when I stop???
  • And the right indictor, usually followed by me braking and sometimes stopping means I want to turn right! (I see you’re getting the hang of this now!). If you’re driving towards me and can see that I want to turn right into a driveway, is it really going to impede you that much by letting me turn?
  • And finally, if you approaching a set of RED traffic lights, and I’m trying to cross the road on foot, why oh why can you not just stop and let me cross? You can only go a few more yards anyway before you have to stop!

Sorry, all those things happened to me today, and in fact most of them happen most days. Right, rant over.