Paralympic Athletes are second class citizens according to Royal Mail

After all the success of the Gold Medal stamps which Royal Mail issued for our Gold Medal winning athletes at this year’s Olympic Games, they have decided to to the same thing for our athletes in the Paralmpic Games! Well done I hear you all shout. But there’s a catch..

For the Olympic athletes, Royal Mail made a commitment before the games to print the stamps and have them on sale (albeit in selected Post Offices) within 24 hours of the medal being won. But that’s not the case for the Paralympic athletes.

Most of the media don’t appear to be reporting this, but the stamps will be on sale within FIVE days. I’ve seen one report that says the stamps will be issued “as quickly as possible”, but most don’t mention a time frame.

The reason for the delay? Apparently it’s because of the number of medals we’re expected to win. This year, our athletes have been given a target of 95-145 medals. Four years ago in Beijing we got 102 medals of which 42 were gold. So I reckon we’re looking at about 39-60 gold medals or about twice as many as we got in the Olympics. 

So because they will have to double the number of stamps designed (actually just pick a picture as the most of the stamps will be already prepared) and printed, it will take an extra FOUR days? Really? I know we’re not the most efficient/organised business in the world, but come on. I would have thought that it would only have taken an extra 24 hours at the most to get them printed and distributed.

Come on Royal Mail, is this really the best you can do?

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