Well it’s been over a week since the last post, and a lot has happened. I want to just tidy up a couple of issues that I know some of you were concerned about.

First of all, my friend finally asked the question (see Uncertainty) and whilst they didn’t get the answer they hoped for, they have still remained good friends with the other person. So that was good news.

And I finally took the step down the path I was being pushed in, and although I got a little scratched and bruised on the way, I have come out ok. It didn’t lead where I was expecting, but it has led to something new. And that is good news as well, as I was expecting to get really hurt. But I still don’t know why God has made me take this route, I expect it will become clear when the time is right.

So there you go, two stories with happy endings. And the moral of these little tales? I suppose it’s that if we don’t take the chance we will forever be wondering “what if…?”. Will I take that step in the future if a similar situation arises? That I don’t know, it took a lot for me to do it this, but I’m glad that I did. And to all those who helped and guided me on the way, once again I’d like to say thank you.

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