Tables and food

Ok, a little bit of a rant today, which I suspect some of you might disagree with.

Yesterday Hannah and I were out shopping and decided to have lunch in the food area of the shopping mall we were in. We duly queued up, got our food and then had the problem of looking for somewhere to sit and eat.

About half the tables were taken by people just sitting there waiting for someone else who was still in the queue to get food. This really bugs me. I always feel that you should not be allowed to get a table unless you have actually got your food. Ok, so there may be exceptions such as the disabled, the elderly and the like. But most of these were just adults either with or with out children.

We had to wander around for a good few minutes before we spotted someone who looked like they were getting ready to leave. And by the time we got there, another woman arrived just in front of us but had quite sat down. She again had someone in the queue getting the food, so I just put the tray on the table and sat down. She didn’t look to impressed but I’d staked my claim, and I wasn’t going to give it up.


I suspect that some of you reading this are in that group who grab a table as soon as you arrive. If you are, then I’ve got my eye out for you. If I see you, I’ll be straight over with my tray and sit at the table with you!

Even Hannah said it wasn’t fair that people could just get a table before they had bought their food, whilst we had to wait for a table. So there you go. Rant over.

One Response to “Tables and food”

  1. kaz Says:

    Totally agree, why should you have to wander around with your food going cold!

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