Apple update

To bring you up to date with the iTunes saga

I received an email stating that my password had been reset, but it still showed my Apple ID as being wrong. So I immediately emailed back informing them of this. The reply came back quickly stating that I could change the Apple ID once I had logged in.

So I logged in and found out that not only had the Apple ID changed, but also my date of birth had been altered, and the security question and answer had been changed to random letters. To me this seemed fishy, and I had the distinct feeling that my account had been hacked.

I quickly changed everything back to what it should be and changed the password to something different from what I had set it originally. I wasn’t going to take any chances.

I then emailed Apple again stating that these details had been changed and my suspicions about the account being hacked. I’m pleased to say that so far I have had no reply from them. Shows they really care doesn’t it?

Luckily no purchases had been made in the time when I didn’t have control of the account.

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