Deck chairs

So everything is back to normal at Royal Mail. Today we had our first staff meeting since the strikes began. And it was back to the normal rubbish that we get told every week.

Well almost. This time we were told that we’re actually getting two new members of staff – yippee!! We’ve only got three vacancies! But at least two of them are being filled, if you count replacing two 40hr full time staff with two 30hrs part time staff replacing them.

So the situation is this: we currently have three duties with no member of staff allocated due to the vacancies. We’re getting two members of staff, which in my reckoning means we still have one unfilled duty. So how come the manager said she’s going to create a new duty for one of the new people? Either that’s an extra duty on top of what we already have (which we really do need!) or she’s just going to re-arrange the current vacancies.

We’ve been told we’re not going to get any extra staff in the foreseeable future so the rules out the extra duty. So it’s re-arranging the current duties. Which means we’re still not going to get all the work down without resorting to overtime. Situation normal then.

The trouble with Royal Mail’s management technique is that it only looks at problems in isolation, never the whole picture. If a duty is too long then a bit will be taken of and given to another duty with thinking about if the other duty can be done. It’s a case of “we’ll deal with this problem first and worry about the consequences later”

It’s like being a deckhand on the Titanic, we keep moving the deckchairs around even though the ship is sinking.

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