The three for three meme

A few weeks back I was tagged by Danie as revenge for my tagging her in a previous meme. And now I’ve got round to doing my meme.


1. Top 3 non-work websites:

Facebook: I use this to keep up with what all my friends are up to. Even if I don’t use all the apps and play the stupid games on it, it is handy to keep tabs on others.

Flickr: I post mt photos here and like to browse what others (friends and random peeps) have uploaded

Ancestry: As one of my hobbies is tracing my family tree, I spend a lot of time on here searching census returns

2. Three favourite cocktails:

I’m going to have to draw a blank on this one as I don’t do cocktails – sorry

3. Top 3 karaoke songs:

I’d have to be *really* drunk to do karaoke, but the ones I’d sing along to are:

1. Bohemian Rhapsody – Queen

2. Money for Nothing – Dire Straits

3. Summer of ‘69 – Bryan Adams


And now to tag three more people: Hedgewytch, Lisa and Devygyrl

2 Responses to “The three for three meme”

  1. Danacea Says:

    You seriously sing Bo Rap? This I have to see…!

  2. Devyl Says:

    oh oh oh i was TAGGED!

    *saves to reply when blog is fixed*

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