Stop this cruelty

Today at work, my colleagues and I came across several small boxes wrapped in plastic. The plastic made them air tight.

Inside were little teddy bears.157

We feel this is cruel. Teddy bears shouldn’t be sealed inside boxes and wrapped in plastic. It’s inhumane. How can they breathe?

Teddy bears are friendly, comforting creatures that would never hurt us unless provoked. Yes, I admit they can be mischievous, but they are not violent or malicious.

Please, if you’re going to send teddy bears in the post, please please please don’t wrap them in plastic.

As we approach Christmas, remember, that if looked after properly, a teddy bear can be for life, not just childhood.

One Response to “Stop this cruelty”

  1. Clive Says:

    Great post.

    And not just for one life. At least one of mine has gone on to others.

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