Knock knock knock.

This is not the post I intended to write today, but something has happened that I feel needs to written about.

A few days ago I reported how some of our freedoms were in danger of being taken away from us here in the UK. Well yesterday something happened that took us not just another step down that road, but the whole way, and we’re now standing outside the gate, banging on the door.

So what happened I hear you ask. Someone got arrested. Well not just someone, an Member of Parliament. In fact a member of the Shadow Cabinet.

Damian Green was “arrested on suspicion of conspiring to commit misconduct in a public office and aiding and abetting, counselling or procuring misconduct in a public office”. What he did was leak the following information to the public:

That several thousand illegal immigrants had been cleared to work in security jobs, including jobs in Whitehall [known by most people who have actually had dealings with security firms]

An illegal immigrant with a false ID was working in Parliament

A letter from the Home Secretary to the Prime Minister warning that a recession would lead to increased crime [obvious]

A list of 42 rebel labour MPs who voted against the government’s plans to increase to 42 days the length of time terror suspects could be held without charge.

He is also accused of coercing a Home Office working in to supplying him with he information.

The arrest is bad news for freedom as it appears the police are now being used to silence criticism of the government.

But there are other aspects to the story which make it really worrying:

He was arrested by anti-terror police. So now leaking information is terrorism?

The investigation was instigated after a complaint by the Cabinet Office, and the Home Office were informed of the arrest beforehand. The Leader of the Opposition, the Mayor of London, and the Speaker of the House of Commons all knew beforehand. But surprisingly neither the Prime Minister nor the Home Secretary knew anything about this.

Why now? Why was this piece of obscure legislation never used against labour MPs when they were in Opposition?

So what’s next? The Thought Police? A Civil Emergency Act giving the Primate Prime Monkey Minister total control? The abolition of Parliament? Or just an Act of Parliament saying that the Magna Carta is invalid because King John had his fingers crossed when he signed it?

And when you go to bed tonight, listen out for the police knocking at the door.

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