Vendee Globe

Sixteen days ago, a group of people set off on in a race. A Race around the world. Sailing singlehanded in a 60’ Open yacht. Without stopping. Yes, it’s the sixth Vendee Globe round the world race.

To me that takes more than just skill and being good at sailing; it takes courage, dedication and a certain amount of madness.

Yes they are in regular contact with civilisation through satellite phones, email and videos but that doesn’t get away from the fact that their own their mown battling against everything that Mother Nature can throw at them

So on November 9th 30 intrepid sailors started the race. Four of them have since abandoned due to problems. The rest are now battling their way down the Atlantic, heading for the Cape of Good Hope. And after all this time and distance, the front five are less than 50 miles apart.

I wish them all luck, but I’m cheering for Sam Davies a local girl (well the Solent is fairly local to Brighton) in her first Vendee. She’s at the helm of Roxy, which apparently is the winner of the last two Vendee’s, albeit under a different name. At the time of writing she’s lying 13th, 325 miles behind the leader.

And if you wish to join in the fun, over on the website there’s a virtual race where you can compete with several thousand other arm-chair sailors. I’m sailing the good ship “Steaders”, and I’m in 67788th place at the moment, about 1100 miles behind the leader with 20,900 miles to go. But I missed the start and only joined the race on Day 6, so I’m not doing to bad.

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