Post Bag #2

Time for another question about the Royal Mail then: “Why do you keep delivering letters for people who don’t live here?” This normally applies to former occupants of a house, but also occasionally, random names unconnected with the place.

The thing to remember here is that we don’t deliver letters to individuals; we deliver to an address. Officially it doesn’t matter what name is on the letter, providing the address is correct, we deliver it (yes I know we sometimes deliver to the wrong address, but I’m not dealing with that at the moment). Unless I have written instructions from my manager to the contrary, I have to deliver all mail for an address, even if I know the addressee has moved.

This also means that letters that have addresses on them that do not exist, should be returned to sender because we can’t deliver them if the address doesn’t exist.

Now I know that there are postman who will endeavour to deliver an incorrectly addressed letter to the right place, and there are also some who will filter out mail addressed to people who do not live there. But this is unofficially and could result in disciplinary action being taken against the postman. Why? Because we do not know who has arranged with you to have mail sent to your address. The previous occupant could easily have arranged for you to forward their mail on to them, or even call and collect it. A neighbour could have asked to have something sent to your address some the other occupants of their house do not find out about it. People have mail sent to different addresses for all kinds of reasons and we will not necessarily not know about it. So we have to deliver it as addressed.

So if you have told your postman that you don’t want any more of Mrs Jones’s mail delivered, and they agree to filter it out, then once again, thank them because they’re doing something against the rules just to make the customer happy. And if he does keep delivering Mrs Jones’s mail, don’t have a go at him, he’s just doing his job.

One Response to “Post Bag #2”

  1. postman matt Says:

    i used to be a postie and by chance i now have an ex royal mail van for my work and the linkage has gone on the van,told royal mail use a different linkage and wil be 300 + vat rather than 120 + vat,probably being scammed,but what can u do

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