This weekend

Well what a weekend this has been. I’ve just spent a couple of days with my daughter, celebrating her birthday. But I can’t say the whole experience was a happy one – as you could probably tell from yesterday’s blog post.

I now feel that I can write about the weekend in a slightly calmer manner, and hopefully without upsetting/annoying/irritating/[insert your own word here] the other people concerned.

Friday evening I took my daughter shopping so she could spend some of her birthday money. She knew what she wanted – an iPod Shuffle like mine. Prior to going out, her mum had told me that if the iPod, or another mp3 player if she wanted a different one, cost more than she had then her stepdad would put some money towards it as he hadn’t as yet bought her a present. And he would also use his computer to put music on the iPod for her.

So off we went.

She found what she wanted, and despite me trying to talk her in to buying a cheaper non-iPod mp3 player, she had made her mind up and bought it. Upon returning home, her mum said that in fact stepdad had said that he wouldn’t install iTunes  (which is needed by an iPod) on any of their computers. Luckily I had my laptop with me so I could put some music on it for her.

Saturday morning I picked her up in order to spend a few hours with her before her party. Her mum then clarified why stepdad wouldn’t install iTunes on the computers. Apparently they play all their music through the Xbox, and if they installed iTunes it would re-catalogue their music and they wouldn’t be able to play it through the Xbox anymore. I knew that this was not true*. But I held my tongue and didn’t say anything because I have always felt that parents should back each other up in front of children, and I didn’t not want to cause any friction between myself, my-ex and the step-dad.

So off the two of us went. While we were out we did some shopping and she spent some of what remained of her birthday money. She didn’t waste it on silly things, she bought some bits for school, some “thank-you” letters, a CD and a book.

Today when I picked her up, her mum was not very pleased with her because she had “spent all her money and in a few weeks time she’ll want something and not have any money!” Well she hadn’t spent all her money, I still had a few pounds left, and her stepdad still hadn’t given her anything. But again I kept my mouth shut.

After another nice day together, despite the weather, I took her home. As I said goodbye to her, she asked how much money she had left. As she hadn’t spent anything today, she thought it was about £3. Well I gave her £10 and said that I had paid for the book she had bought yesterday. This put a big smile on her face, and I left her knowing she was happy.

So she now has an iPod with some music on it, but she can’t change it until she sees me at Christmas. I hope she doesn’t get too bored of it!

*I’ve now had four other people tell me that iTunes can be installed without messing up what’s already on there. So why he doesn’t want to put iTunes on I do not know.

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