I’ve been tagged

The Rules are simple:

Step #1 – Link to the person who tagged you:

I was tagged by Devyl Gyrl, one of my twitter friends. She’s one of those people who would do anything for her close friends.

Step #2 – Write Five Fun/Interesting Facts about yourself:


1.  I have a wide ranging taste in music: my iPod playlist regularly has Johnny Cash, ZZ Top, Meatloaf, Dire Straits, Dido, Elgar and Gregorian Chant in it.

2.  I regularly play cards with my friends Clive, Garry and Elaine. Despite teaching them how to play, I seem to be the one who loses most. Something wrong there.

3.  I got married over the blacksmith’s anvil at Gretna Green. [We’re divorced now though]

4.  I still have my original teddy bear that I was given when I was born. He sits on a shelf now in a protective plastic box

5.  I once performed the “bottle dance” in Fiddler on the Roof, solo. And I hate being in front of people, let alone on stage. On my own. And I can’t dance. Did I enjoy it? No, but I’m glad I did it.

Thanks for wasting a few minutes reading about me

Step #3 – Tag Six Other People and link to their blogs. Then let them know you’ve tagged them by Twittering/Plurking them or leaving a comment on their blog:

OK, so after a bit of thought I’ve come up with this list:

1. Clive [@CliveFlint] My best mate who I’ve known for more years than I care to remember; I just can’t shake him off 🙂

2. Lisa A good friend from Church.

3. Christine [@Mousewords] A writer and artist whose work I find enjoyable and inspiring to read.

4. Danie [@Danacea] A marketeer for an awesome shop.

5. Steve. He was an evangelist at Microsoft but he’s now sold his soul to the devil and joined their PR team

6. Shelley [@ShelleyFTR] A highly motivated business entrepreneur

Whether any of them will take up this challenge remains to be seen, but I hope some of them do.

And even if they don’t, I suggest that go and have a read of their blogs anyway.

4 Responses to “I’ve been tagged”

  1. cliveflint Says:

    Glad to know I have at least one (or two) good friends thoughout life

  2. mousewords Says:

    Thank you! 🙂 And this reminds me of another blog tag I have to do–at least that’s two days’ worth of NaBloPoMo. 😉

  3. Devyl Says:

    Woot! I’m so glad to see that you did this! I think it is a fun way to learn something about people you don’t get to talk to as often as you may like.

    I like five of the musical tastes you listed, so I am anxious to try out the other two. I’m going to look on last.fm and see if they are listed there!

    You know the saying if you can’t do, teach? *WEG* That is all I’ll say here … hehe

    What an awesome idea for a wedding ceremony. I got married on a little beach here in town … picnic lunch and cake. It was all I wanted. I think if (big, huge, maybe “if”) I ever choose to marry again, I want to try something different. Nothing extravagant, just something interesting. Like a blacksmith’s anvil! *L*

    I still have my very first teddy bear, a huge (two and a half foot tall was huge to an infant) Winnie-the-Pooh bear my daddy won at the fair the week before I was born. I used him as a pillow til I was 6/7, then he stayed with my grandparents for use by my cousin. Then he moved to my house again for use by my sister. Then back to my grandparents to sit on a shelf … and back again to my house for use by my brother. Again, back to the grandparents house …. til my daughter was born. We took him to Cali with us, and SHE used him as a pillow. Then, my niece used him … and now he’s so un-stuffed that we retired him to a box. *L* Poor Pooh!!

    I do not dance. Public or otherwise. Kudos to you for conquering your dislikes/fears and doing it! You’re a far better person than I!

    Thanks again for playing along. I had fun!

  4. Danacea Says:

    BEAST!!!! *Grins*

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