Reading books

Recently my daughter was castigated by her teacher for reading too many books. To clarify, she wasn’t told off for reading them to quickly, but for having too many on the go at the same time! I think she probably has one at her mum’s, one at my place, one at my parents and probably one or two others. Her teacher said she should finish one book before starting the next. And when her teacher spoke to me about this, I had to admit to doing the same thing.

So do you read just one book at a time? Finishing it off before even thinking about starting a new one? Or, do you have several books part read that you keep swapping around?

I think the problem I have is that I start a book in good faith with the intention of reading it to the end. But unless it’s a really good book, I tend to get distracted, find a new book and start to read that. Eventually I do return to earlier books and finish them, but they may be some months (or even years) later. Normally by then I’ve forgotten some of the what I had already read and I end up re-reading some, or all, of it again!

A quick rummage around the bedroom, the bookcases and other repositories of my books has led me to the conclusion that I have started reading and intend finishing the following books:

The Transit Of Venus (Peter Aughton)

Colour Of Magic (Terry Pratchett)

As It Seemed To Me (John Cole)

The Republic (Plato)

Les Miserables (Victor Hugo)

A Hooded Crow (Craig Thomas)

The Iliad (Homer)

Le Morte Darthur (Sir Thomas Malory)

Riding Rockets (Mike Mullane)

Wikinomics (Dan Tapscott & Anthony D Williams)

Enigma (Hugo Sebag-Montefore)

And I’ve probably missed one or two others.

I think I need to knuckle down and concentrate on finish one or two of them before Christmas. Because at Christmas I’ll probably gain one or two others which I will want to read straight away.

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5 Responses to “Reading books”

  1. Tony Hall Says:

    I’ve developed a habit, or probably have always had it, of part reading books, rarely ‘finishing’ anything. I have a folded up sheet of paper in each book for taking notes. My partner always reads and finishes a book at a time. The difference is she reads mainly fiction and I read mainly non-fiction. The latest book I’m reading is The Crafstman by Richard Sennett, plus something on hyperlearning and some Ivan Illich.

  2. Devyl Says:

    I have a bedroom book, a car book, a purse book (to carry into places with me, in case I have to wait on a waitress, wait in line somewhere, or wait patiently for my turn at the salon), a book at my best friend’s house, a book at my Mom’s house, a book at my Dad’s house, and a book in the living room. The one at my Mom’s will take me years to read, as will the one at my Dad’s, since I don’t get home often. The others get rotated about once a month or so, as i finish them up!

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  5. Novel Says:

    My curiosity is such that I have to finish the book I started then go on to another book. I’ve gone through about 32 books in the past 2 months! I do, however, have 1 book that is still unfinished and that is because it so sad and depressing. But, I will finish it one day!

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