Qype: Asda Stores Ltd in Brighton

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This is probably the least customer friendly branch of Asda I’ve ever used.

As it is open 24hrs I have shopped at all hours, and find problems whenever I go there. In fact I only use because it’s on my way to/from work, and it’s open 24hrs.

I frequently find the shelves empty of what I’m after. Sometimes they are on the trolleys waiting to be put out, but more often than not, they don’t have them. And whilst we’re talking of the stock trolleys/roll-pallets, why do they have to leave them in the middle of the aisles? If you shop during the evening or at night, I is often impossible to actually go down some aisles because they are blocked by stock waiting to be put out.

And the staff have a habit of standing and chatting amongst themselves totlay oblivious to the customers. Sometimes it takes saying “excuse me” a couple of times, or a quick jab with the trolley, to actually get them to move.

And I would never by anything froxen from them. I have seen, and been told by an ex-employee, that frozen products are sometimes left out waiting to be put in a freezer for longer than half an hour.

However, they do have some good points such as being 24hrs. Also they do some weird offers. This week I have bought two packets of cereals for £2, when they are £2.15 each; and five Muller Lights for £1.00 when they are 54p each! Bargains!

They also have a petrol station which is normally oe of the cheapest in the area
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