Qype: Frankie & Benny’s in Brighton

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We should have known how this would turn out when we tried to book at table for ten people at 7pm on a Saturday and got told “we don’t take bookings” We were told to just turn up and they’d get us a table. Perhaps a drink at the bar whilst waiting? Hmm.

Well fortunately when we turned up, they did have a table for us. Right next to a hen party of 25 women. Who had obviously been drinking for some time, and were rather loud.

We were told that if we ordered quickly then our orders would be put through *before* the hen party’s order. So we did. And guess what. Our starters arrived and then nothing, while they got their food.

An hour after arriving we were served our main course, served on cold plates. And although most of the food was acceptable, all the vegetables were cold. So the waitress was asked if some fresh hot vegetables could be served, and her reaction seemed to be one of “Oh, yeah ok, it happens all time.” No shock, no surprise, not even an apology. But then all the staff seemed to have an air indifference and were very off-hand with us.

It was 8.40pm when we were asked if we watnted desserts. As we were booked to go ten-pin bowling at 9.00pm we opted to skip this and just pay the bill.

The bill arrived and was about £185, which we split between us, and £200 was given to the waiter. As we left it became apparent that he hadnt brought any change back. And then it was pointed out that an *optional* 10% service charge had already been added to the bill. So the actual cost was just under £170, and the change from the £200 had been kept.

One of our party promptly returned and demand our change, and that the service be removed as we were not happy with the service. At first she was given £30 back, but standing her ground, the rest of was reluctantly given.

I, and probably most of the group, will not use this particular establishment again.
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