Qype: Bowlplex in Brighton


Having just experienced rather poor service at the restaurant (see Frankie & Benny’s Brighton) our party of 12 headed to the Bowlplex.

When we arrived we found only one person on the desk, dealing with customers wishing to pay and handing out shoes. I felt really sorry for the people in the queue behind us.

There was a DJ playing music mostly from the 60’s & 70’s, but with a few modern ones mixed in.

We were allocated two lanes next to each other and started to sort out teams. Meanwhile I overheard the DJ ask a question, saying that the first person to answer correctly would win a bottle of “bubbly”. I immediately walked up to him, gave the answer and walked away with a bottle! It wasn’t anything special, but hey, the evening was begining to look better.

As the evening progressed we were beset with a few technical problems with our lanes, resulting in numerous visits by the the three members of staff, and culminating in them moving us to the two adjacent lanes. However they were both helpful and pleasent at all times. And we saw an unusual way to bowl – the manager held the bowling ball in the palm of his hand and just launched it down the lane resulting in a strike! Followed by another. He gave up after the third when he only got nine pins down. To say we were impressed would be an understatement.

We spent and enjoyable hour and half in here, and the technical problems didn’t really detract from the experience. It certainly made up for the meal.

Only five stars, because I don’t really go in for loud music. I prefer it to be loud enough to hear (and sing-a-long to) but not so loud that you have trouble talking.
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