Qype: National Trust: Sheffield Park Garden in Uckfield

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I have been here on several occaisions, and at different times of the year.

It is a fairly landscaped park by that great garden designer ‘Capability’ Brown and, unless it is really busy, it is never crowded.

The scenery and views change from season to season, in fact they change almost weekly. In the spring and summer there are flowers all over the place – particulary noticeable are the rhodadendrons.

I have just visited for the first time in the autumn, and virtually the whole place was green. There was very little in the way of autumnal colours.

They do cater for children, and have a childrens trail and at Easter they hold Easter Egg hunts. This was “fun” this year, as my daughter and I raced around the garden hunting clues in the middle of a blizzard! I think 30 minutes to tour the place is probably some kind of record.

There is a small gift shop at the entrance, and a small tea-room is outside by the car park. The tea room does not belong to the National Trust.

On the way up the drive from the main road, there is a small nursery and vineyard, but I have never been to those.

And it is claimed that the first England v Australia cricket match was held here!
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