Qype: Asdown Forest Visitor Centre in Forest Row

Forest Row

The Conservators of Ashdown Forest are the people responsible for the running of the Forest, in effect the local council. Nothing can happen withing its boundaries without their permission – even laid down rules for the Army during the First World War!

At their office just outside Wych Cross the run a visitor centre. It has a small museum about the Forest and also an area for temporary displays. When I visited there was a display of the Forest at war from the Bronze Age up to the First World War.

There is a small shop selling books and small gifts, and a large collection of leaflets and maps. Several of these give details of walks around the area.

There is also an Education area, which is presumably for groups of school children and the like.

There are also boards detail what the Rangers are currently doing, where the sheep are grazing and what birds can be seen.

Also, and most important, there are clean tiolets! As there are no other public ones in the Forest, I suggest you make a note of their location!

There are several car parks within a ten minute drive from here where you can explore the Forest at will, but I would suggest coming here first.

And watch out for the deer – on the ten minute drive from here to Hartfield I must have seen a dozen cross the road in front of me. Only problem was the camera was in the boot of the car – so keep yours handy if you want to get some pictures.
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