Qype: gars restaurant in Brighton


We went to Gars chinese restaurant on the spur the moment, after meeting a few fellower twitterers. Located on the edge of the Lanes in the old part of town, it is an ideal place to spend an evening. We dined upstairs, and I gather that down in the basement is a bar, with karaoke.

The food was excellent, even if it was slightly more than I would normally pay (I’m a bit of pennypincher!), but well worth it. Fortunately, two of the group where able to put it on expenses!

I can’t remember half of what we had but I know it included scallops, duck and lamb shanks.

The only draw back to the evening was the lnght of time it took to be served. It was at least two hours, if not three, for the entire meal.

I can highly recommend this place as long as you’re not in a hurry, and you’re not on a budget. If the speed of service had been better, then I would certainly have awarded 4 stars, possibly even 5.

Check out my review of gars restaurant – I am Steaders – on Qype

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