Qype: Nottingham Castle in Nottingham

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The home of the Sheriff of Nottingham, Robin Hood’s nemesis! Well, perhaps not, but it’s a good story anyway.

Although quite large, and located in the centre of Nottingham, we had trouble finding it! How can you lose a castle? Easily when you’re driving. We kept seeing signs pointing to it, and then they would disappear. Eventually, having gone around the the same stretch of road a couple of times I found myself at the white line at a set of traffic lights, and there to my left was the castle! So if you plan on visiting, check where it is first. If you find the “Robin Hood Tales”, then the Castle is almost behind it; find somewhere to park and walk.

We arrived quite late in the day (about 3.45pm) and headed straight for the museum. Having spent an hour inside the museum and art gallery (reviewed seperately) we were told they were closing! The whole place closes at 5pm, even in the summer. And they close on the dot.

So we didn’t really get the chance to have a good look round. There is a childrens play area, two gift shops (one in the museum and one at the entance). There are also tours of the caves underneath, which we never got to see. Another day perhaps.

From what I saw, it does look a good place to visit, and I certainly intend going back to see the rest of it.

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