Qype: Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre & Country Park in Mansfield


This is where most visitors who go to Sherwood Forest looking for Robin Hood end up. It is just south of Worksop and is clearly signposted from the A1 and the A614. It is located just outside the medieval village of Edwinstowe, where Robin and Marian were married.

If you arrive by car there is a £3 car park charge, but if you come by coach or minibus then there is no charge.

The centre comprises a couple of gift shops, a 5min video show, a small museum and a restaurant.

The video gives a brief introduction to the Forest and the Nottinghamshire Dukeries. The museum gives a bief history of Royal Forests.

This is also the place to park if you wish to visit the Major Oak, which is over 1000 years old. Some stories say the it’s where Robin lived, but that’s just legend – isn’t it? There is a children’s trail available from the gifts shop, I can’t remember the excact price, but it was just under a pound.

The restaurant serves hot and cold meals and is reasonably priced. This actually surprised me, as the whole site seems to be here just to make money.

The walk to the Major Oak is about twenty minutes each way along forest paths. It is accessible for those with disabilities, providing they are aware that it is a forest and not a paved path.

There is also a childrens playgound next to the car park, and a foot path leads to Edwinstowe and Sherwood Forest Amusement Park (which I’m reviewing seperately) which are about 5 mins walk away.

I believe it is possible to park in Edwinstowe and walk to the visitor centre and thus avoid paying the car park charge.

I took my 11year old daughter, who doesn’t like walking far especially in the countryside, and she enjoyed herself. Although she did keep telling me that Robin Hood never existed!

Check out my review of Sherwood Forest Visitor Centre & Country Park – I am Steaders – on Qype

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