Qype: Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo Ltd in Malton

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Flamingo Land is a theme park and zoo located on the A169 between York and Scarborough. It is also a holiday camp with free access to the park for residents. The park is it divided up into several areas. It boasts that it has “six of the country’s most x-treme rides”
The Plaza is the first area you come to as you enter. It is a courtyard with a couple of rides, shops and restaurants.
You then move onto Metropolis which has several rides including a handful of rollercoasters – ranging from the children’s Runaway Mine Train through to the Velocity and Corkscrew! It also has a pedal powered Cycle Monorail – not for the faint hearted.
Beyond Metropolis is Seaside Adventure. Here you find rides such as the Cliff Hanger vertical drop and Tidal Wave – which has to be seen to be believed! It also has some gentler rides for children such as Rocking Tug and Seaside Adventure Ride
The next area is Splosh! and as the name suggests is the wet area. And yes, unless you’re really careful, you WILL get wet! One of the main rides in here is Splash Battle where both the boats and spectators have water cannons! (Be warned, water pours into the boat!) There is also a wet play area for children to play in. Other non-wet rides include Flip Flop (a terrifying spinner), the Sky Flyer and the more sedate Junior Driving School and Wagon Wheel.
From Splosh! you can catch the People Moover (a monorail disguised as a cow) to the Little Monster’s Den of Mischief. This has rides for the younger generation and Muddy Duck Farm. The farm has animals such as giant rabbits, pygmy goats and Shetland ponies.
This leads you nicely in to the animal areas: Australasia & African Plains and the Lost Kingdom Reserve. Here you find all the animals you would expect to see at a large zoo: giraffes, kangaroos, zebra, lions, tigers and many more. Also in the Lost Kingdom Reserve are two of the larger rides: Kumali (a large, fast suspended loop coaster), and The Lost River Ride (a boat ride that plunges you down a water chute).
Throughout the park there are numerous places to eat or buy refreshments and snacks.
There is something in this park for everyone – young, old or in-between. It is quite easy to spend the whole day here, and this should be expected.

Check out my review of Flamingo Land Theme Park & Zoo Ltd – I am Steaders – on Qype

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