I’m sitting in my hotel room trying to do some work. I’m on holiday and yes, I’m working. However this is “fun” work. Trying to do my bit for the on-line community.

I’ve recently discovered an online service called Qype where ordinary people can put reviews of places they’ve been, such as museums, restaurants and even shops. So I’m trying to add some reviews of the places we’ve been to on holiday.

The problem is I’ve got my daughter with me. Now I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else at the moment, but she can be slightly annoying. It’s not er fault, but with just the two of us together for 24 hours a day whilst we’re away, it’s only natural that at times we get on each others nerves.

I try not to tell her off because we want to have an enjoyable time. But just sometimes it’s all too much, I snap and have a go at her. Usually I regret it straight away. Like tonight. I turned the laptop on and she was on-line for the first hour and a half “chatting” to her friends. Then when it was my turn to use it, she just kept on badgering me for different things. In the end I told her off for something (I can’t even remember what) and immediately wished I hadn’t.

But now, everything’s back to normal and we’re friends again, looking forward to tomorrow’s adventure.

Oh happy days 🙂

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