iPhone hysteria

So tomorrow is the big day. The day the iPhone 3G goes on sale. Oh yippee do.

No, I won’t be getting one.

I cannot see what all the fuss and hysteria is about. I just don’t get it. Why do people, who are otherwise sane, feel the need to queue for hours outside a shop just to get a new phone?  Yes it looks nice, but… it’s only a phone! Will the world stop spinning if they don’t get one on the first day? I doubt it. I think it’s because they are sheep. They just follow the flock and do what they think everyone else is going to do. They don’t want to be an individual, they have to belong to the crowd.

Now I admit that a couple of weeks ago I was considering getting one. This was because I was due to upgrade my old WM5 phone and I was looking at all possible replacements.  However I soon discounted it in favour of either an Orbit II or the Nokia N95 which I chose.

So what are the alleged selling points of the iPhone?

  • 3G network
  • Touch screen
  • MS Exchange synchronization
  • Built in iPod
  • GPS

Well my N95 has all of those except the touch screen. It even has a proper physical 12-key keyboard. And a 5M pixel camera. And streams audio through stereo bluetooth. And the GPS stays on, whereas I’m lead to believe that in interest of battery power the iPhone keeps switching its GPS off. And most importamt of all – its not an iPhone! And I can get turn-by-turn satnav on mine. Apple have stated that you are not allowed that on the iPhone. It’s one of the conditions in the licence agreement for the SDK!

So if you one of those who are going to queue for an iPhone, and sulk if you don’t get one on the first day, don’t worry: the world will still be here the day after tomorrow. And if you really do need one, try here: knitted iPhone

The picture below is of a field which is normally full of sheep. When I got there today there was not a single one in the field. I think they’ve all headed off looking for an iPhone.


2 Responses to “iPhone hysteria”

  1. Clive Says:

    how can we be sheep and follow what we think others will do? Sheep don’t think about what others *might* do, but follow blindly others who go before them.

  2. Woneyhoggendy Says:

    I agreed with you

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