Big Brother

I can honestly say I have never intentionally watch Big Brother. I have caught it when changing channels or when visiting other people (and I think my ex used to watch it). This blog is in response to Lisa’s blog about the show

I don’t watch it because it doesn’t appeal to me, I have far too many other things to waste my time on and I disagree with what they do. I could vaguely see the point of the first series – it was an experiment to watch human behaviour. But now, everyone who goes in to it does so with their eyes open, knowing they have a good chance of being ridiculed or bullied in to doing things they wouldn’t normally do.

I have no problem with being able to relate to the ‘yoof’ of today. Apart from not knowing many, I feel we should try to raise the level of their intellect, not dumb everything down for them. Society, like a chain, is only as strong as its weakest link. We should try to strengthen that link, not make the rest just as weak. If we constantly low the standards, then eventually we will all be living in the gutter.

And yes, I do feel that Lisa’s selected bible passage should apply to what we watch. And I would like to add that whilst Exodus 10:14 states “Thou shall not bear false witness against thy neighbour” does it not actually mean “do not lie”? What are these people being asked to do, if it is not live a lie for the sake of entertainment?

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