I haven’t written anything recently simply because I had no idea of what to say. I would like to be able to write creatively with ease, but I have always had trouble with putting words down on paper – English was not my best subject at school.

Anyway, yesterday was Pentecost, the day the Holy Spirit visited the disciples. Jesus had been with them for some time after the Resurrection and had now ascended in to Heaven. On this particular day, they were all gathered together when they were surround with tongues of fire and began to speak in different languages. They were thus able to communicate with and spread the word of Christ to the multitude that were gathered in Jerusalem for the Festival of Harvest.

We celebrated Pentecost in Church yesterday in both the morning service and the evening Café Connexion. Normally during Café, I’m running the sound and lighting desks. Well, yesterday was a bight sunny day, and so the lighting setup was kept simple as otherwise I would be fighting the natural light entering the Sanctuary. Just as the service was during to a close I noticed something on the wall behind the alter. There, almost like a flame, was a tiny patch of sunlight. It was being cast on the eastern wall by the setting sun and most of the room lights were off. The effect was amazing. There was just this small beam of orange light shining on the cross on the alter and then landing on the wall.

Sunlight on alter cross This picture is not very clear as I had to take it in poor light, from the back of the Church on my phone. However, you can just make out the orange glow in the centre of the frame below the projector screen.

I feel this just shows that the Holy Spirit was there with us in the room.

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