Lisa recently blogged about guilt and “that guilty feeling” and this got me thinking. Guilt is usually treated as a bad thing, but can it ever lead to anything good?

We all have principles, beliefs and even laws which which live our lives by. We normally experience guilt when we cross a line drawn in the sand and break one of these principles. Sometimes other people get hurt by our actions; on other occasions only we now we have crossed this line and no one else gets hurt.  I believe that we feel guilty even when no one else knows, because we feel that we have let ourselves and God (for those who believe) down.

Guilt can manifest itself in many ways, but probably the most common are depression and physical pain. We constantly question ourselves as to why or how our transgression occurred and would we do it again in the same circumstances?

It is well known that one way of dealing with guilt is to talk to someone. The Bible teaches us that God will forgive our sins providing that have forgiven everyone else. So perhaps “that guilty feeling” is perhaps God asking us to talk to him and to forgive others. Next time we transgress and cross that line, perhaps we should talk to God. We should accept that we were at fault and (where possible) tell Him that it with His help it won’t happen again. We should then forgive all those who have hurt us in any way and ask him for his His forgiveness.

Once we have asked this, He will forgive us and, from personal experience, a great weight is lifted from us. We can then carry on with our lives being careful not to repeat the error.


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