Busy busy busy

I haven’t blogged over the past few days simply due to a lack of time.

Thursday and Friday saw rehearsals for Fiddler On The Roof, and I finally had to do the Bottle Dance! I’d managed to last until two weeks before the performance before showing to any one, so that’s not too bad. As well as being in that dance (solo!) I’m also running the lighting! Could be fun – I’m relying on my Wing Man to cope when I’m not in the lighting box.

Sunday was also a very busy day. It started out with me being the sound techie and communion steward for the morning Church Service. Not too bad in itself.

Then it was get all the lighting gear transferred from my Church up to Patcham as we’re using it in Fiddler On The Roof next week.

We then spent the whole of the afternoon setting up the lighting rig (or most of it) before going back down to Dorset Gardens Methodist Church to set up for the evening service where I was both sound and light techie.

Finally got home about 10ish – a long day.

Meanwhile, I believe my sister, P, is going through a tough period. I had planned on seeing her over the weekend, but it never happened. In fact I haven’t heard from her very much at all over the past week. It’s hard when someone you care about is hurting and you can’t be there to comfort them.

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